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The bigger you and me

Many of the techniques on this website require a mental model about ourselves that is much bigger than what we are conditioned to believe through sciences based on the philosophy of materialism.

The model which I introduce in this session has been used by hundreds of students and has worked well for them.
These students came from all over the world, with different cultural and religious backgrounds. Nevertheless, they found it easy to relate to.

The acceptance of 'the bigger you and me' as a mental model for our individual potentials is essential for the success with many of  the techniques introduced on this website. Indeed, we need this open mind to our potential in order to discover this potential.

The order is therefore very clear:
  1.  Accept the 'bigger you and me' as your mental model for discovery.
  2.  Only then will you discover your hidden potentials.

It puts you on a path of many enriching experiences and you are in charge.

The session comes as an interactive PowerPoint show, without sound.
It takes approximately 10-15 minutes.

When you are ready, click here to start the show.

In the show, simply click the spacebar to move along.

Cornel Slenters


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