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The pivot to feel better, instantly:
- Pivoting -

Dear Alex,

Pivoting is a technique to change your negative point of attraction to a positive point of attraction.

Here is how it works:

Whenever you feel negative emotions, your Inner-self is telling you two very important things:
  • First, there is something you want! Otherwise you would feel no emotion.
  • Second, you are not looking at what you want, but in the opposite direction.

Thus the pivot is very simple:
  • When you feel upset about something, ask yourself: "There is something important that I want, but I am not looking at it.
  • What is it that I want?" 

Initially you may find many opportunities to pivot in just one day. 

The more you apply this process, the more proficient you will become and the faster the pivot will occur.
After a while it becomes second nature.
You will know when you have successfully accomplished a pivot - because you will feel better. 

In summary, pivoting accomplishes all of the following things:
  •  It helps you to discover what is most important to you.
  •  It puts you into a continual state of attracting only what you want.
  •  It brings you into balance with your core intentions.

We turn now to a short exercise of the pivot, which is in PowerPoint. (no sound)

Click here for the exercise.

In the session, simply click the space-bar to move along.

After that, practice, practice, practice!


your grandfather


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