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Questions as gateway to Infinite Intelligence

- What is the question? -

Dear Alex,

When we first learn about a subject we typically learn about rules related to the subject.

Yet, after having gained experience in the subject, we realize that these rules depend on many pre-conditions (variables).

Eventually we come to a point where we feel confident to start from the question.

Hence ... what do we want to solve?

This is where magic sets in because after some experience we come to realize that we seem to have access to an infinite pool of knowledge and ideas.

This information can come to us in many ways:

  • People we meet, articles, books, Internet, ideas that pop up etc, etc.
  • Or these special moments when we are in between the subconscious and conscious states, such as waking up from sleep, day dreaming, runners high, deep relaxation, shower, bath etc.
The key is in asking the right questions and then let the answers come over the following days.

This exercise will help you with that.

Remember however, this is an aid, not a replacement for good judgement.

It comes in the form of a PowerPoint show, with no sound.

The session takes approximately 5 minutes.

When you are ready to start, click here.

In the show just click the space-bar to move along.


your grandfather.



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