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Re-framing the past, re-framing for success.

Dear Alex,

People who developed the mental techniques of Neuro Linguistic Programming - NLP - discovered several important things about the ways we recall past experiences.

Based on these insights, they developed practical techniques to 're-program' our past experiences - called in the show 're-framing' - by which our negative past experiences become less intense.

In addition, we can use the same processes to
intensify our past successes so that they serve us more in the progress towards our goals.

You will be introduced to two re-framing techniques:

  • The first one is with the help of music.
  • The second is based on the recall of images.

These techniques are easy to learn and bring great benefits, once they have become a habit.

They can also be combined with other techniques, such as Your Personal Timeline, through which you gain even more leverage.

A number of students reported success this way in solving their phobias about height, water and crossing bridges.

One particular student, who came from a war torn country in Africa, managed to reduce the intensity of his war experiences to a level where he regained his biggest asset, namely his smile.

The session comes in the form of a PowerPoint show, with sound.

Total duration is 20 minutes.

To open the PP show,
click here.

Once you are in the show, simply click the space-bar to move along.


your grandfather.



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