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 - The small action success method -

Dear Alex,

The small action success method was very popular by students.

This is how it works:

Assume you are postponing a project since weeks and it starts to get bigger and bigger in your mind as an obstacle.

Ask yourself what would be an initial small action you could take.
For example, to put a document on your desk that will be needed.

That small action sets your brain in motion and within a day you will be doing something constructive with it.
Moreover, that project will start to look smaller and easier to solve than previously perceived.

The change of feeling associated with the small action sets things in motion and moves you more easily in the direction of your target.

Of course you can repeat this over and over again.

The changes in feelings have an influence on your perception and if the chosen actions are small enough you will be enjoying a continues feeling of success.

Success breeds success.

The session comes in the form of a PowerPoint show, without sound.
Takes approximately 5 minutes.

When you are ready to start click here.

Once you are in the show simply click the spacebar to move along.

your grandfather.


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