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What you do

Get a new notebook and write across the front of your book, in bold letters: ‘+ATTRIBUTES’  

Whenever you feel negative emotions regarding an important subject, such as not enough money, not enough time, too much work, not enough respect from another person ... begin a page in your book to identify positive attributes of that particular situation. ( If difficult at first, do it anyway! )

On the following day, read what you have written and add as the thoughts come to you.

If you have negative feelings regarding a specific person in your experience, begin a page of positive attributes regarding that person.

Write what flows easily from you. Do not work at it.

When the thoughts regarding a particular subject have stopped flowing, turn to a fresh new page and begin a new subject. Each day 10 minutes is enough time for this process.

When the book is full, purchase another and continue.

The benefits

The objective of +ATTRIBUTES is to bring you to a position of feeling good, therefore to a position of positive attraction and flow.

A daily entering of positive attributes on old and new subjects will help you to maintain your positive balance. Moreover, as one area of your life draws you to these positive attributes, the recording of your entries will bleed over into other aspects of your experience.

Because you are feeling better more of the time, more of the things that you consider to be good will begin to flow smoothly into your experience. The balance of thought and feeling in your experience will shift more and more from negative to positive.

Why it works

+ATTRIBUTES is a process to assist you in giving your attention to that which is positive. Because you are focusing upon that which is positive, you cannot focus upon that which is negative. Then, when you withdraw your attention from that which is negative ... it tends to leave your experience.

We attract according to our beliefs and that is what we see.
+ATTRIBUTES enables us to brake this cycle through small shifts in our thoughts, awareness and beliefs.

Moreover, a shift in our beliefs will attract new opportunities to which we were previously blinded. The benefits of +ATTRIBUTES are cumulative and are easily noticed after doing this process for one or two months.



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